I’ve done it again!

I’ve gone and done it again!  …

I’ve bought something online without reading the description – (dimensions) properly.

Late last year I bought a painting off Ebay and today I’m now the proud owner of an ENORMOUS old  shop window. I found it for sale on Gumtree.   It looked so much smaller in the photos in the advertisement.

The seller delivered it to our house this afternoon.



I’m always on the lookout for interesting pieces to decorate the house with, especially anything with a story and history.  Even better if it’s local history.  The seller did a bit of investigating into the window and found a listing for it a 1950s business directory.

I found these advertisements for Kaynella on Trove.

Sunday Mail - 4th December 1949

Sunday Mail – 4th December 1949

Sunday Mail - 1st August 1954

Sunday Mail – 1st August 1954

I googled 186 Adelaide Street but I couldn’t find any businesses using this address today.  It might have been part of the Anzac Square building but I’m not too sure.  I wish I had more time to investigate.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

Despite its size I’m really happy with it.  Now we’ve just got to find wall studs to hang the bugger up!


Gumtree treasures.

This advertisement on Gumtree just caught my eye. If you live in Brisbane and like interesting vintage pieces for your home this could be worth checking out.


The ad was listed on the 19th of December 2014, so some or many of the items listed may have gone but if you’ve got nothing planned for the weekend, it could be worth a trip to Beenleigh.

old pearly jenkins


Relove Inc

Late on Wednesday afternoon we had a quick look in a relatively new Antiques/café place in Oxley called Relove Inc and bought this old music chart.  It was a little dirty but nothing that a good wash with hot soapy water wouldn’t fix.

old pearly jenkins old pearly jenkins old pearly jenkins

Can you see the little lizard poking its head out from under the cupboard door?

old pearly jenkins

It’s now hanging on a bare wall in the living area.

(Please don’t look too closely at the arms of the red chair.! Naughty Rose has been using it for a scratching post!!!!)  It normally has a cover on it but I’ve taken it off to make the photo look nicer HA HA!!

old pearly jenkinsold pearly jenkins

little bugger!



The front door.

old pearly jenkins

Do you like the colour of the front door?

I know not everyone is going to like it but we’re really happy with it!!!

Tomorrow the slab for the carport is going to be poured.  fingers crossed the job is completed by Christmas.





A vintage button lamp shade.

I was flicking through a copy of NZ House & Garden a few weeks ago  and this button lamp shade caught my eye.

I can’t decide if it’s me or not.

Should I have a go and making one of these.??.

Do I have the time?

I still have the rag rug project sitting in the corner of the lounge gathering dust….


So…last weekend Mr F and I went back to Victorian Living in Windsor to buy a shade for the porch.  While we were hunting through the many shades available………

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

I spotted these frames for sale!

old pearly jenkins

I’ve got the buttons.  I’ve found the frames …

I’ve had the vintage buttons for over twenty years now.  I brought them from an estate sale.  I’d only have enough buttons to do a small shade though.

old pearly jenkins

I’ve had a look at ‘google images’ for  other button light shades but the pickings were slim.

imagesCAGQVM7L button-shade-closeup[1]


Are they just tacky?

A cabinet for the bathroom.

Why is it  when you don’t need something eg: a tall bathroom cabinet, you see them everywhere.

I’ve been looking everywhere here in Brisbane for something suitable to use in the bathroom.  We’d like it to look ‘vintage’, even better if we could actually find something ‘vintage’.

I’ve been looking online today and really like this piece from Restoration Hardware.  It’s would be perfect but I don’t think they’d ship to Australia and it would probably cost ‘an arm and a leg’ to get it here.  It’s also priced at $875 US.


Below is what we’re currently using to store the towels, face cloths, cats etc.. we just need something to hold all the bits and pieces.  It came from an antique shop in Ipswich.  The owner of the shop told us it was probably made during the Depression (1930’s).  The shelves are old Shell Oil timber boxes.  Rosebush likes them.


I did find a great cabinet on Gumtree.  I tried to contact the seller about it but they never got back to me.  Bugger!! It would’ve been perfect.