Beryl gets a new hat!

When I bought Beryl the Cockatoo lamp, she came with a shade that I liked but always wanted to change at some point.

old pearly jenkins

So I finally got around to doing something about it!

I bought some cute spotty fabric from Spotlight and a cheap shade from Bunnings.

20150307_124136 20150307_125858

To see how much  fabric I would need, I placed the seam of the shade on the edge of a towel and rolled it along the towel until the seam appeared again.  I made a mark on the towel and used a tape measure to find the length.

I measured the width of the shade and added an extra inch either side to fold over the wire on the inside. For a nice tidy finish I folded over an inch of fabric and gave it a press with a  hot iron.

old pearly jenkins

I used a can of spray on adhesive to hold down the fold and allowed it to dry for a few minutes.


I then spray the entire length of fabric with the adhesive and very carefully began to roll the shade along the fabric.  I lined up the raw edge of the fabric with the seam on the back of the shade and finishing with the folded edge.

20150307_130915 20150307_131218

I folded the edges into the inside of the shade and left to dry for a while.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

I’m really pleased with the results.  The whole project from beginning to end took less than half an hour and approximately $20.00.


15 thoughts on “Beryl gets a new hat!

    • Thanks Joanne
      I was just looking back at the photos and realised how gross and puffy my hands looked. They don’t normally look like that, I’m thinking it was from the heat over the very long summer we had. Thank goodness its finally cooled down. Yuck! ha ha

  1. Beryl. I love her! The shade looks great! $20 is quite a steal, especially for something that’s exactly what you’re wanting. Beryl’s new hat suits her quite well, I think!

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