Possum eviction Part 3.


old pearly jenkins

Yesterday the roofers arrived and pulled off all the old corrugated iron and then the rain arrived!

We haven’t had any decent rain here in Brisbane for MONTHS!! when I left for work the rain was coming through the extractor fan in the bathroom.  What can you do?  I left the problem to the professionals and came home last night to a roof covered in tarpaulins.

Late last night we had a storm….. The tarps were flapping like CRAZY but we stayed dry.  Today the sun is out and the roofers are back.  Fingers and toes crossed they manage to secure the roof before it rains again.

No sign of the possums!!


Possum eviction Part 1.

My youngest son and I have spent  Sunday at my parent’s house.old pearly jenkins

My dad very kindly gave up his only day off this week to help me build three new possum houses and I am extremely grateful for his time..

He found the plans online and we got stuck in.

old pearly jenkins

Here are the finished products! three wonderful new homes for the possums.

It’s really important to me that we at least try to offer alternative accommodation.  We’re having  the rusty old roof replaced with a  brand spanking new one!! + insulation in a few weeks time.

old pearly jenkins

I hope the little buggers use them!!  I also hope that they’re  ‘rain proof’  We’ve built them out of marine plywood but I think I might still give them a coat of ‘something’ to keep our little friends dry.  Spring is just around the corner and that means Storm Season here in Queensland.

old pearly jenkins

Here they are,  buckled in the back seat of the car … ready to go!!!

I also want to share with you a recent project my parents have been working on.  It’s a Pergola by the swimming pool.  I love it!!!

old pearly jenkins

And here is the youngest son enjoying the last of the winter sun.  Despite it being winter, I still managed to  get sunburnt!!

old pearly jenkins

The flatbread hat and a hungry possum.

I know these photos have nothing to do with renovating the house but I couldn’t resist adding them.

While Mr F was engrossed in his phone last night we gave him a flatbread hat as we knew there was a possum waiting in the Frangipani tree.

It didn’t take long for the inquisitive and hungry little possum to come and investigate and steal Mr F’s hat.

old pearly jenkins

old pearly jenkins

A weekend in Auckland, New Zealand – Part One.

old pearly jenkins

Recently my mum and I went to Auckland, New Zealand to visit family but still managed to squeeze in a little shopping.  It was cold and raining when we went to Morris & James at Matakana and I decided to buy a blue pot to add to our collection  and worry about how I was going to get it home later…




I brought  the pot home as hand luggage, at customs I was asked to explain why I had a bucket in my bag.  I told them it was a plant pot.  The customs officer looked very puzzled but let me through.  He said it was the first time he’d ever had  someone bringing a plant pot onto a flight.  It was heavy but it looks right at home now with  a Duck topiary and Viola seedlings planted in it.

old pearly jenkins

Look what he’s dragged home this time!

I thought Mr F was safely on his way to work when suddenly he appeared back in the house filthy!!. His work clothes were covered in dirt and he was wet through. Despite the rain and the clock ticking, he saw this sitting out on the kerb at the front of someones  house waiting for the ‘kerbside collection’ pick up..


Old Pearly Jenkins

Percy having a sniff

Somehow he managed to drag it back to his car and get it home. He was so happy with his find and I think it’s great too. It looks like it’s an old ‘meat safe’ and will make a great replacement for the  Ikea tv cabinet in the boys bedroom.

Now what colour should we paint it??



Happy Australia Day!!!


It’s been a very wet day here in Brisbane today, much to the disappointment of many Queenslander’s who probably had plans to spend it at the beach or at home with  family, friends, beers and a bbq.   We’ve had a very  hot and dry Summer so far so I’m enjoying the cooler temperature and the rain.

Because its Australia Day, I feel its only fitting that I post these photos.

Twice a week I drive to Ipswich for work.  For those not familiar with Brisbane, Ipswich City is approximately a 30 – 40 minute drive from Brisbane.  I pass some beautiful old ‘Queenslanders’ on my route and some that have seen better days. Sitting on a very busy road by some traffic lights there is a house that is a little worse for wear.  But if you look really closely you’ll see an Emu and a Kangaroo in the gable panel.  It is, I believe the Coat of arms of Australia. 

I found some interesting information about fretwork gabled panels on the The Woodworkers’ Company website.




You can still  buy something similar from timber joinery suppliers like the Woodworkers’ Company .  There are other designs available  too but not quite so Patriotic!