A weekend in Auckland, New Zealand – Part One.

old pearly jenkins

Recently my mum and I went to Auckland, New Zealand to visit family but still managed to squeeze in a little shopping.  It was cold and raining when we went to Morris & James at Matakana and I decided to buy a blue pot to add to our collection  and worry about how I was going to get it home later…




I brought  the pot home as hand luggage, at customs I was asked to explain why I had a bucket in my bag.  I told them it was a plant pot.  The customs officer looked very puzzled but let me through.  He said it was the first time he’d ever had  someone bringing a plant pot onto a flight.  It was heavy but it looks right at home now with  a Duck topiary and Viola seedlings planted in it.

old pearly jenkins

4 thoughts on “A weekend in Auckland, New Zealand – Part One.

  1. Joanne S says:

    I’ve traveled a lot and the best time was when asked about the sock full of rocks (my daughter likes rocks – what can I say?) and the worst was not being allowed to carry on a large bowl from Morocco. Needless to say, that piece is in a million pieces now. Beautiful colorful photos of plant pots!

  2. jimmyjamjar says:

    What an amazing place Morris and James is. It is easy to fall in love with every thing there.

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