Hello there!

It has been months since I’ve been able to update this blog as we STILL have NO internet access at home.

Fingers crossed we should have it back up and running in the next two or three weeks.  I’m so desperate to say ‘hello’, I’m using my mobile phone.

This renovation seems to have dragged on for so long now.  The builders started back in October and we’re still a few weeks away from completion.

old pearly jenkins

The kitchen will be installed ‘fingers crossed’ just before Anzac Day.  We’ve ordered the pantry shelving from Kit Kitchens  and the plan is to install it over the Easter break.  The shelving and this afternoon I made an impulsive decision and bought a tin of paint to repaint the pantry. It’s currently painted Dulux ‘White on White’ like the rest of the house.

The colour I came home with is Dulux ‘ Ticking’.



Fingers crossed it’s not going to be too dark but I think I can pull it off, The shelving and bench top are all white and we have a small window in the pantry that will also help.






10 thoughts on “Hello there!

    • I really hope it’s going to look ok. I’m just worried about the lack of natural light! I hope to get Mr F to do it this week. I’d do it but I don’t trust myself to do a nice tidy job.

  1. Joanne S says:

    Hello! Looks like a LOT of work has been done so far. It does seem to take forever and drag on when renovating. We just finished renovating a townhouse this afternoon and already have an interested buyer. Fingers crossed. Can’t wait to see your finished product! Hang in there… Joanne

  2. Hey, we have been renovating our kitchen since Sept 2012 (it’s ALMOST done!!) so don’t feel bad. I think you’ve made remarkable progress on a huge project! Good to see you back! 🙂

    • Thanks D’Arcy, It feels like it’s been dragging on for so long now. We’re still living upstairs and have no electricity downstairs. I’m really looking forward to not having an extension cord running all the way down from upstairs to downstairs to keep the fridge running. I’m also looking forward to when we don’t have to unplug the fridge to plug in the washing machine and connect the outside house to a connection for the washing machine to have water!! lol!!

  3. Krissy says:

    Also happy to see your post and progress! Looks like it’s coming along beautifully and I’m sure that feels great. As for the Dulux Ticking paint color- I have a friend who recently revamped a house and painted inside the pantry and the closets a dark (even darker than Ticking) charcoal gray. Looks great contrasted against all the white she used elsewhere, and really “sets things off” on shelving inside. A clean, modern look- really nice. So, I hope you’ll be pleased with your choice- good luck!

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