A little bit of landscaping out the front.

Hello again….

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update OPJ as we’ve had a few problems with the computer.

Not a lot has been happening at home as we’ve all been so busy lately but we have been slowly working on a small retaining wall and picket fence out the front of the house.

We drove around our suburb and some of the surrounding suburbs to have a look at all the different types of ‘traditional’ fences and to get some ideas. The one we were replacing was a picket fence and we were keen to build something similar.

I also searched the internet for some old examples of fencing here in Queensland and compared them to some lovely examples from this century.old pearly jenkins
old pearly jenkins

Bunnings sells only two option:,batten or ‘colonial‘ (right of picture). Finlaysons has more options but are a lot more expensive (left of picture).

old pearly jenkins

From our observations from looking at the houses around us etc.. it seemed that colonial style is very popular here in Brisbane  but after lots of hemming and hawing  we decided to have a go at making our own ‘pointy’ picket.

old pearly jenkinsThe boys have been a great help doing lots of dusty, dirty work.  We’re going to let the wood dry out for a few weeks and then paint the fence white.

old pearly jenkins

We’re now waiting to get a permit from the Brisbane City Council for carport.  Unfortunately due to the size of our block of land it will only be a single carport but it’s better than nothing!!

4 thoughts on “A little bit of landscaping out the front.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, me and my wife are considering to install new fences and looking for some ideas too from internet. Cant wait to see the final results !!

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